Large Animal Services

Equine Health

Preventative Care

Annual wellness exams are equally important to horses as they are to small pets. During the wellness exam, you can discuss optimal nutrition, hoof care, and have your horse vaccinated. This is also a great time to have a Coggins test performed and a Health Certificate done for your traveling needs.

Expectant Mare Care

We can breed mares with shipped semen and provide them with care throughout their pregnancy. A mare is pregnant for 320 - 380 days! With our ultrasound, we can check pregnancy as early as 14 days after insemination and then 30 days after to check fetal health. It's important to have that peace of mind.

Oral Health

The grinding teeth of a horse do not line up exactly. The top row sit farther apart than the bottom and the grinding action causes the outside of the teeth on the top and the inside of the teeth on the bottom to develop sharp edges. These sharp edges can cut the cheeks and tongues of horses making it hard to chew. They can also fracture and lose teeth which creates an uneven grinding surface causing the tooth opposite to overgrow and cause a step. When horses are having  problems with their mouth they might show signs of weight loss, quidding, or dropping feed, or trouble with the bit. Many other dental issues can develop and regular exams are helpful for prevention.

Medical Colic

The GI tract of the horse is complicated and there are a variety of ways for them to show signs of colic. If you think your horse is showing signs of colic, this is an emergency and we should see your horse either at the clinic or at your home/ranch. Some cases of colic are mild and need minimal treatment while others need surgical intervention. The sooner we can decide the necessary course of action, the better the outcome for your horse.

Bovine Health

Herd Health

Focus on preventative care for your herd is important. Nutrition, mineral analysis, keeping up with vaccinations such as Bangs, are all important factors for maintaining herd health. Should you have a scoured calf or a cow with eye cancer, we can help you get them taken care of.

Expectant Cow Care

We can detect and confirm pregnancy in cows using palpation and ultrasound. Nutrition for in-calf cows is incredibly important so having a discussion about your herd's feed and minerals can be essential. If you have a cow having difficulties calving, we can perform assistance in vaginal delivery or perform emergency c-sections.

Hoof Care

Using our tilt table, we are able to safely and securely examine and trim cattle feet. 

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